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As a child I grew up with my paternal grandmother, hearing her read the hindu scriptures and religious texts and the stories that she would tell. From her I learnt the importance of the planets that govern us and how each time phase in a day and in our life period affects us. 


These stories and life examples grew with me and instilled my faith in the unknown and the life that was beyond what all of us see. So my spiritual journey started very early in life. Seeing an Indian political leader's death, a neighbor's early death, a colony couple's broken marriage, a girl child to be born to a friend's sister were incidents that I had prior knowledge of and  that formed a part of my teenage years. 


During my engineering days I found myself making more predictions based on the hands that I would see in the passing, but kept it to myself, afraid of being made fun of by my peers for believing in something that the larger population felt was not science. The turning point was when I saw my close friend's death two years in advance and then experienced it two years later in the same way that I had seen.The thought that, had I not kept my mouth shut may have helped my friend’s life weighs high on me even today. 


This urged my curiosity to understand my gift (or was it a curse) better. Latter meditation and chanting helped me understand things in greater depths and then I met my guru who fuelled the student in me. From then on I worked on what I had and read many hands and helped many people in my journey of life. 


Some took me seriously, for some this was just a fascination and some made fun, but I continued learning, understanding, going to greater depths and making a difference in people's lives in whatever ways I could. Even if I am able to touch and help a miniscule percentage of human beings in my life I would consider my life blessed.



As per hindu scriptures, Samudhra Rishi was the one who first invented the Science of Signs, also called as
Samudrik Shastra. This is basically the science of seeing the signs of various parts of our body to predict the past, present and future. Samudrik Shastra includes 

Samudrik shastra includes science of

Body shape Readings

Black mole or Beauty Mark Readings

Forehead Lines

Feet & Feet Lines Reading

Palm lines Reading
or Palmistry

Most of this science is lost over the years in the books and scriptures that have been lost or destroyed with time. But one science amongst the above got passed on from generations to generations and became the most popular science for reading the Past Present and the Future.

Each culture has its own way of depicting this science. I would stick to the ways that I have learnt from my Guru, through my readings and my quest for knowledge on this subject. I have built my own ways of understanding this science based on my experiences that I have had over the last 30 years of practice. 

My quest was not limited to just that of Palmistry, but I walked the path to understand Astrology, Numerology, Vibe connect or Psychic readings and Gemology. But Palmistry fascinated me the most out of all these sciences as I felt there's magic in Palmistry which I will explain below. 

With years of learning and experience of reading hundreds of hands I have put together my own understanding or to put it with extreme humility, my way of reading the past present and future, which encompasses Palmistry, Astrology, Numerology & Vibe connect.

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Magic Of Palmistry

While learning and understanding the Science of hands that we call Palmistry, I learnt that the lines in our hands are controlled by our thoughts which are controlled by our deeds or our Karmas. The lines change on the basis of our thoughts and this is something that I have seen, so much so that I have seen lines change in a person's hand in as little as 10 minutes. 

Initially I thought it to be my mind playing games based on my excitement of understanding a new science, a new way of life. But the more hands I read the more I became sure that Lines on our hands change, and they change on the basis of our thoughts. Yes we are born with a destiny because of the karmas of our past life/lives, but we have the capacity and capability to change that with the help and power of our thoughts and our karmas. 
To give you a simple example; in A person's hand the lines show that he would have a major accident at the age of 42, but if the person can control his/her thoughts and do the necessary Pariharams/redemptions he or she has the power to reduce that accident to a small fall somewhere. The destiny won't change but the impact will definitely change.

At the same time the person has the ability to worry so much about it and create so many negative thoughts that what’s supposed to happen at 42 can end up happening at 36. So when our ancestors have said that it's in our hands to write our own destiny, they knew very well what they were talking about…The Magic of Palmistry.


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