Palmistry & the Power of Thoughts

As per Hindu scriptures, Samudra Rishi was the one who first invented the Science of Signs, also called as Samudrik Shastra. This is basically the science of seeing the signs of various parts of our body to predict the past, present and future. Samudrik Shastra includes

  • Science of Body shape Readings
  • Science of Black mole or Beauty Mark Readings
  • Science of Forehead Lines
  • Science of Feet & Feet Lines Reading
  • Science of Palm lines Reading or Palmistry

Most of this science is lost over the years in the books and scriptures that have been lost or destroyed with time. But one science amongst the above got passed on from generations to generations and became the most popular science for reading the Past Present and the Future.

An accurate palm reading can help you discover more about your future, your health, life and its lessons. A thorough reading of the hands can show individual potential, qualities of character and our behaviour because the palms can reflect the thoughts and motivations of the mind. Past is what we are born with, present and future is what we create. The main ingredients for this creation are Karma from the past and your thoughts from the present. The thoughts are what govern the lines in our hands and they are the one’s to create our karmas and the vibe that our body generates because of our thoughts and Karma. So, our thoughts are critical, and for a person reading your hands, your thoughts are what reflects in your hands and basis that all predictions are made, Hence Palmistry is considered to be most correct as far as predictions are concerned.

In my experience I have seen lines change in less than 10 minutes in a person’s hand. This taught me that we have the power to write or change our Destiny. Yes, we are born with one, but its not necessary that we have to live with it. We, our thoughts have the power to change the lines in our hand and thus change our destiny. While I say this, I would like to make certain things very clear. Our past Karmas have already defined our destiny and certain things are written in stone. What we can do with our thoughts is enhance the positive, and minimise the negative. For example, if we are destined to have a major accident at 36, we have the capacity with the help of our thoughts to minimise to just a small fall with minimal damage. That is the power of our thoughts. All we need to have is, Faith and the will to follow a certain thought process.

We live a certain life today because of our past life Karmas but we have the power to take it on the path we want, and trust me with the power of thoughts anything, absolutely anything is possible. Palmistry helps us identify these karmas and thus helping us to get on to the path of Karmic Redemptions by channelising our thoughts in a particular way with the help of prayers, chants, meditations, gems and many more ways that an individual decides to take.