Sun Line and its importance in Palmistry

Palmistry according to me is the most accurate of sciences in the field of “past-present-future” readings and palmistry readings are done basis the lines on our hands. The most important lines always mentioned are the Line of Life, Line of Mind/Head, the Line of Heart, and the Line of Fate. But based on my experience I must say the one to focus on, is the Sunline. This is what makes all the difference to the way our hand is read.

Sun line is the most important line in our hand as it defines our Hand. It’s also called The Line of Energy or the backbone of all the lines in our hand. As the placement of Sun in our Horoscope is most important so much so is the importance of the existence of the sunline in our hand.Ideally the sunline rises from the mount of the moon all the way up to the base of the Ring Finger. But that is seen in very rare hands. In most hands what we see is that the existence of the sunline is from just above the line of heart and running up to the bottom of the middle finger.This can be clear, faint,broken, or non-existent. People of authority on this subject have varied views on how the sunline must be read. What I write here is what I have experienced and what my readings have brought me results. The importance of the sunline is not the length of it but the clarity of it. Yes, longer, and clear extremely good but shorter and clear is also of equal importance. A clear sun line despite the length is what provides the necessary effect on one’s hand.

Sunline has its own benefits but the most important benefit is that it forms as the support or source of energy or the backbone of all the other lines in our hands, it gives energy to all the lines and a good sunline helps in multiplying the effects of all the lines in our hands.So much so that one may have the best lines in their hand but a broken sunline or an extremely small/faint sunline or nonexistence of the same reduces the effect of the best lines. And one doesn’t have to fear if there is know Sunline. Like all other lines in our hand, Sunline is also controlled by our thoughts and our karmas.

Like every other line our thoughts can help in manifesting the right energies to generate the required Sunline on our hand. All that we need to focus on, are the right energies that would create the right thoughts that would create the necessary vibe and create the magnetic field around us which will help in changing our lines.The easiest way to create a nonexistent Sunline or to make it clearer is to be up in the Brhama Muhurtham or in the period that starts 96 minutes before Sunrise.

Basically, wake up before Sunrise and soak in the rising Sun. that is the time when the energies of the universe are most positive and being awake at that time and soaking in the rising sun will help in clearing our Sunline which will in turn bring in all the required effects in our hand.Apart from the advantage to the sunline the medical benefit to getting up at this time and soaking in the rising Sun is that our mental Health becomes better (which is of a large concern in todays time), our B12 and Vitamin D3 numbers get better which again is directly proportional to the Sun line in our hand. This happens because we absorb the energies of the rising Sun and we do that as we stand facing the east which is the best position for the magnetic field of our body to be to do all the repairs to our mind, our Mental health.

While doing so if we can add chant and meditation to that process in the same direction the speed of the results multiplies at greater speed. We can also get the desired result by wearing a Ruby stone ring in the ring finger (right hand for male, left hand for female) of a carat specified for you in a process specified for you. This helps but the time taken is slower and longer, and not everyone can wear a stone.What I would always suggest is don’t have an external crutch in life, lets play by the laws and ways of the universe and focus on getting our Sun Line Better and enriching our, life, our Health and our Future at the same time.

Om Surya Devaya Namaha